MetroScan Network
P.O. Box  24392
New Orleans, LA  70184
Voice:  (504) 908-5537



  • MetroScan Traffic Radio with Reach
    The audience of 20 radio stations at your disposal.
    96% of the New Orleans MSA listens to radio each Monday through Friday *

  • MetroScan Traffic is useful information
    81% of New Orleans radio listeners find traffic reports necessary and useful *
    60% of radio listeners rely most on traffic reports as compared to other information elements such as news, weather and sports **

  • MetroScan Traffic reports are aired exclusively in Morning and Afternoon Drive, (M-F)
    Weekday Mornings (6:00 AM 9:00 AM) and Afternoons (3:00 PM 6:00 PM) are the most listened to time periods of each week.

  • MetroScan Traffic offers unique positioning
    Your commercial is part of the traffic report in a stand-alone sponsorship position as opposed to being part of a cluster of commercial announcements.

  • MetroScan offers announcement flexibility
    Your commercial can be changed or updated almost instantly and immediately aired on the entire network.

  • MetroScan Traffic offers free production
    We will produce your :15 second commercial at no charge in our fully equipped, in-house production facility.

  • Simplicity of Placement
    One phone call to your MetroScan representative instantly delivers all of the aforementioned benefits!

     * Arbitron
    ** Stratford Research

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When it comes to effective, cost efficient advertising, no other vehicle delivers like the MetroScan Traffic Network.