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  • Over 80% of New Orleanians commute to school or work.

  • 75% drive to work; 15.6% carpool = 90.6% of Metropolitan New Orleanians commute to work by car.

  • Mass Transit is available in 3 of the 7 Metro Counties.

  • Commuters from 7 counties drive into the New Orleans Business District each weekday. Average commute time is 50 minutes.

  • The Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, world’s longest bridge, connects New Orleans to the North Shore. Average commute time for North Shore residents is one hour. Any accident or bad weather turns the two-lane 24-mile bridge into a parking lot.

  • Interstates 10; 610; 510 and 310 traverse Greater New Orleans and are the main routes for entry and exit to New Orleans for inner city residents as well as suburban commuters.

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