MetroScan Network
P.O. Box  24392
New Orleans, LA  70184
Voice:  (504) 908-5537

Since 1983 MetroScan has been providing traffic information to New Orleans area radio stations. Through the use of fixed wing aircraft, strategically placed remote control video cameras, mobile units and constant communication with police and other civil authorities, MetroScan furnishes our Network affiliate stations with accurate and up-to-the-minute traffic information during morning and afternoon commute times each weekday and during special events.

The MetroScan Network consists of 18 New Orleans radio stations. In exchange for traffic information, each radio station provides MetroScan with a 15- second commercial window, which is part of the traffic report. MetroScan, in turn, is able to offer these announcements to advertisers.

Research has shown traffic information as one of the most important elements that an adult radio station can offer its listeners. The listener has an immediate need for traffic information and, as you know, no other medium can deliver immediacy like radio!

When your commercial airs as part of a traffic report there is an added value in that you, as an advertiser, are providing the listener with information that they perceive as necessary. Traffic reports link a sponsor with a much-needed public service. You are providing a service in addition to showcasing your commercial message in a positive and uncluttered environment. Most media charge a premium rate for this type of advertising spotlight.

MetroScan traffic reports are only aired during morning and afternoon commute times when the radio listening audience is larger than any other time of the day. Additionally, advertising during these times insures that you are reaching not only the largest number of listeners but the largest number of qualified listeners. These are people on their way to and from their jobs. They are employed; they are able to get credit; they can afford life’s necessities and hopefully some luxuries. They are prime prospects of all ages, lifestyles and income!

MetroScan believes in the power of radio advertising. We have seen it work effectively and efficiently time and time again. We also understand that buying radio can be confusing for some advertisers in that there are so many stations from which to choose and not enough radio budget to buy all of them. Although MetroScan is not meant to be a substitute for any radio station(s) that you would normally consider buying, MetroScan will reinforce your "base buy" plus deliver a vast radio audience for a minimal investment.

Production is never a problem at MetroScan. We offer this service to you at no charge (except in rare cases when your production requirements make it necessary for us to obtain resources beyond our capabilities). We will create a custom announcement(s) for you from "scratch" or edit your current :30 or :60 commercial or jingle to accommodate our 15-second traffic window. You’d be amazed at how effective a well written and produced 15-second commercial can be. We know - it's our specialty.

Advertising on the MetroScan Traffic Network represents a unique advertising opportunity. Whether your company's desire is to promote special sales and marketing events or to keep your name in front of consumers on a continual basis to create top of mind awareness, MetroScan "fits the bill".

When it comes to effective, cost efficient advertising, no other vehicle delivers like the MetroScan Traffic Network.